12 100% fun, 100% self-improvement-free things to do in 2015

Good spot for lunch on New Year's Eve.

Good spot for lunch on New Year’s Eve.

I’m no better than anyone else at keeping new years resolutions.

But I’m a compulsive list-maker and I can’t quite handle the thought of entering the new year without making some kind of list of things to do. So I made a list of fun things to do in 2015.

There’s 12 of them so I have around 1 per month which is about how often I say I’m bored, everything is boring, there’s nothing to doooooo. I’ve listed them here for future reference, but this is absolutely not a checklist, they’re in no particular order, and I don’t intend any self-improvement.

  1. See a musical. (This one is cheating because I have tickets to see Les Miserables with friends next week.) (done!)
  2. Bake bread.
  3. Walk some more of the Via Francigena.
  4. Go to Barcelona for a weekend.
  5. Go swimming. (done!)
  6. Get some photos printed and make an actual physical off-my-harddrive display of them.
  7. Host a dinner party.
  8. Go to the mountains (for winter sports or hiking or drinking hot chocolate; I’ll leave that open). (does Como count, even if it’s in hills rather than mountains?)
  9. Knit a hat.
  10. Make and listen to a playlist of all the ridiculous 90s pop music I haven’t heard for years.
  11. Go to the cinema. (This is non-trivial in a city with only one cinema that regularly shows original sound movies.)
  12. Visit the Museo Pietro Micca, which is apparently very cool and somehow I still haven’t been there. (done!)

Happy New Year everyone!


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