My favourite posts

Here are some posts I particularly enjoyed writing and/or that make me sound more exciting and mysterious than I really am:

My series of 6 posts on walking from St Ives to Padstow in Cornwall on the South West Coast Path.

On being kind of, sort of, British today Musings on Britishness in the wake of the Brexit referendum.

That time I got hit by a car: injury, uncertainty and stories Looking back at a year of recovery from a minor brain injury, and looking forward to the future.

Bravery and baking The one time I really hesitated to bake my annual Christmas cake.

Zoe’s grumpy hot beverage reviews My (mis)adventures in trying to find a tea/tisane I like with a damaged sense of smell.

That time my great-great uncle was an illegal immigrant and the West actually responded quite well. (Eventually.)

Sun and sea… in Oslo, Norway

A chat on a train ride across Italy Taking the overnight train from Turin to Lecce.

Well that was an experience: my week in an Italian hospital I got hit by a car while crossing the street — this is what happened next.

22 hours in Beijing: long enough to know I want to go back (So far…) my favourite layover on a flight between Europe and Australia.

Sometimes humble pie looks a lot like a chocolate layer cake AKA “Sometimes my baking mistakes are pretty farcical”.

That time I accidentally moved abroad Leaving Australia without really planning to.

The time I ate donkey meat – festival delle sagre What it’s like to go to a food festival in Italy.

Ten things you should know about hiking A day in the Alps.

Throwback Thursday: going west by train Taking Amtrak from Denver to San Francisco.


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