Miscellaneous notes

  • We were talking at lunch the other day how ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ has to be rare – nowhere with a self-respecting chef would ask you how you’d like it done. I was reminded of the fact that in Australia, hamburgers are just hamburgers, even at hipster burger places, but this isn’t the case in Texas. Which lead to conversations along the lines of “I’ll have the burger, please.” “Sure, how would you like it?” “Uh, with a patty in a bun and some sauces and maybe vegetables– oh, that’s not what you’re asking, is it?”
  • People who write about these sorts of things say that a few weeks/months into being in a foreign country you start to notice everything that’s wrong with it. I seem to have avoided this so far, until making hot cross buns this afternoon. I’m okay with having to make my own because they aren’t sold in the shops. I’m okay with the language barrier that means I’m not entirely sure I have strong flour and I nearly bought bicarb rather than yeast. I’m okay with not being in my own kitchen and having no way to accurately measure quantities. What I’m not okay with is not being able to find mixed peel pieces without cherries included. I just spent fifteen minutes trying to separate the orange citrus-y bits from the bright red/green cherry bits. Dear Italy, when you don’t have normal mixed peel in the baking section at the supermarket, you are DOING IT WRONG and you should be ASHAMED of yourself, regards, Zoe.
  • A week from now and I’ll be in Glasgow. Tme flies!

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