Some photos from Italy

I’m skipping over Austin for the time being and showing some photos from Italy so that I can pretend the blog is vaguely up to date.

This is the view from my apartment window on a Saturday afternoon:

I’m staying in the centre of Florence this time (as opposed to out in the ‘burbs near the Institute) so it’s all narrow streets and stately buildings and a view through to the side of Santa Maria Novella church. Heck yeah, as the Italians wouldn’t say.

My second weekend here I went to Rome:

Oh hey it’s the Colosseum.

I didn’t take many photos in Rome, because I’ve never worked out how to get on camera the sorts of things that stick out to me like the assertiveness you need to cross the road and the rollercoaster ride of friendliness and rudeness you get from staff in touristy areas. But even my cheap-o point and shoot can get a cliche shot of a Really Old Building.

Finally, looking out down the hill from Perugia:

I was in Perugia for only a day, and half of that was visiting a group at the physics department there and giving a talk about some of my research. Unfortunately the physics building there is as ugly as every other physics building in the world — I guess it would be hard to set up modern lab space in some gorgeous medieval castle — but I met some friendly people who clearly enjoyed doing interesting research, so that totally makes up for the 60s architecture. And there was plenty of time afterwards for taking photos like the above.


1 thought on “Some photos from Italy

  1. Catherine Williams

    Hi Zoe! Great photos (all 3 of them!)
    I did not even realise you have a blog until I saw the update on facebook.
    You have a funny (humourous!) way of writing and I am with you on the not being able to capture the things that most stick out to you. In South America one of the hardest things to get used to has been not flushing the paper down the toilet, but we figure no one really needs to see a picture of that.
    I hope we get to catch up some time while we rae in Europe. Take care, love Cath xo



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