Blog revival!

When I last posted (in, um, 2011), I was in Italy. So it’s quite convenient that I’m in Italy now, and I can pretend that I’ve maintained some kind of continuity of blogging…

Mountains through the bus window

I’m living in Turin, which is a fantastic city in a fantastic area — just look at the view you get on the way there from Milan Malpensa airport! (disclaimer: you have to be lucky to get a clear day like that) I’m hoping this blog will be a good place to show off where I live, as well as some of my travels.

Some goals for this year:
– maybe attempt to learn to ski (this should be hillarious)
– see more of Italy! I’ve never been south of Rome, so I’m pretty excited to have booked some tickets for the easter weekend to go to the Naples area
– have some actual conversations in Italian (“can I have a kilo of apples?” “here you go” “thank you” doesn’t count, nor does “ciao! come va?” “tutto bene” *switch to english*)
– keep in better contact with friends and family around the world – hence this blog.


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