Saturday highlights, 23 March 2013

  • Trying a pasticceria near my place for the first time, and discovering they have amazing fresh breakfast pastries. Om nom nom.
  • Finding the bug in my code that I’d been hunting down all week. (Or is that a lowlight, seeing as it was an embarassingly dumb mistake on my part?)
  • Visiting the Museo d’Arte Orientale and checking out some fascinating Indian/Chinese/Japanese artwork…
  • … and being able to leave off the Tibetan and Islamic sections for another visit, since with my museum pass I get free entry whenever I like. Sweet!
  • Randomly stumbling across this show. Everyone’s saturday afternoon needs a merry-go-round with cows.
  • Baking anzac bickies, which may be a little more like flapjacks thanks to my sloppy/nonexistant measuring, but who cares? They’re delicious anyway.

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