Recent happenings

It’s been quiet on the blogging front recently, mostly because I haven’t done much that’s blog-able (wanna hear about the stomach virus I got the week after the conference I went to? No, me neither.) To give you a flavour of what I’ve been up to:

  • Work-wise, I managed to render my laptop unboot-able, leading to much lost time and data. PSA time: DON’T BE AN IDIOT LIKE ME — DO REGULAR BACKUPS!
  • On a whim, the other week I got a haircut, from shoulder-length blah to a pixie cut which I love. I should have done this ages ago! (Question: how on earth did people get haircuts in the days before you could google image search “pixie cut square face” and show the relevant results to your hairdresser using your smartphone??)
  • I thought I’d try to boost my italian vocabulary a bit by reading a novel. In retrospect, Harry Potter wasn’t the best choice — so far, I have boosted my vocabulary to include such everyday words as “mantello” (cloak) and “gufo” (owl).
  • Today, I went to Castello di Rivoli, which is possibly my new favourite place in Piemonte. It’s on a hill, with views to Torino and the mountains, and the location is worth visiting just for that. The original building used to be a residence of the Savoys, and as you’d expect, it’s freaking massive and very grand. These days, it hosts a contemporary art gallery, and they’ve used the space really well — some rooms have been restored to their original super-decorated style (a great contrast with, say, a video installation, or (for reals) a taxidermy horse suspended from the ceiling), while others have been painted plain white and make my inner minimalist happy.

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