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Bits and pieces from Slovenia

A few more memories from Slovenia that didn’t fit in any other post…

  • Not having enough water with me for the train ride to Bled, and trying to convince myself that eating the tomatoes I’d grabbed from the fridge on my way out of Torino that morning would serve me for rehydration. Two simultaneous truths: tomatoes aren’t that great for thirst; I was never really so thirsty that ‘rehydration’ was actually necessary.
  • Two roads diverged in a yellow wood… and I took the one for the pizzeria, obviously:

    Pizza this way

    Pizza this way

  • Also in Bled: a group of german teenage dirtbag Scouts, hanging around the bus station waiting for a taxi after missing the last bus to wherever it was they were going. Imagine a 1.5 litre plastic bottle of beer shared around, cigarettes, each of them wearing Scout scarves round their neck while trying to impress each other by melting bits of rubbish with their lighters (something something shouldn’t they have been using 2 sticks…)
  • Eating a horse hamburger in Ljubljana, which was very tasty (something something unknowingly eating horse hamburgers already in the uk) but it came in a bun that was the size of my face, filled with sauce. It defeated me.
  • Ljubljana was also where I met my first ever real life travelling-around-europe-on-a-gap-year girls. We were discussing our travels over breakfast in the hostel with a Croatian woman who was in Ljubljana to take her daughter to a figure-skating camp.
    “So then we got the train from Sofia to Zagreb,” said one of the girls.
    “It was 27 hours,” added the other.
    “Sofia? To Zagreb?! By train??! That’s… enthusiastic,” said the Croatian woman. She turned to the guy at the reception desk at the other end of the room. “Did you hear that? These girls, they got the train! from Sofia to Zagreb! Why?!”
  • My favourite “no dogs” sign ever, at Lake Bohinj:

    Only unexcited dogs allowed.

    Only unenthusiastic dogs allowed.