About/where has Zoe been?

Hi! If we haven’t met before, I’m Zoe. I’m an Australian in my late 20s, but for the past four years I’ve been living in Turin, Italy, where I work as a physicist. Before that, I lived in Glasgow, Scotland for a year, and before that I was alternating between Perth, Australia and Florence, Italy semi-frequently. I first tried my hand at blogging back then, to share stories from my travels when I was moving around every few months — hence the title!

These days, I still write about visiting new places, but more about everyday life as an expat. A lot of my posts could probably start with “I sometimes think I understand my life, and then…”

While I’m not exactly a “travel blogger”, I do have a vague goal to write at least one post about each country I’ve visited… eventually… To keep me honest, here’s an alphabetical list of countries I have visited (“visted”=slept in at least 1 night). I’ve included some commentary.

  • Australia (“home”?)
  • Austria: Vienna. They have no kangaroos.
  • Belgium: Brussels, Bouillon
  • China: 22 hours in Beijing
  • Croatia: Zagreb, Split/Trogir, Zadar
  • England: Before you nationalists point out that not all of Britain is “England”, I have included Scotland and Wales as their own entries on this list and even written posts about them :-) (which is more than I’ve done for England, sorry English nationalists!)
  • Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu
  • Finland: In/around Helsinki
  • France: Paris (cliche!), Nice, Grenoble, the Alps except on the french rather than the italian side
  • Germany: Nuremberg, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Tuebingen, Munich, Dusseldorf
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy: Living in Turin and travelling around
  • Ireland: I feel cheeky including this because it was an overnight at an airport hotel in Dublin during an unexpected stop-over due to electrical problems on the plane. There was, however, an Irish dancing contest for teenagers being hosted at the same hotel so I will call it a cultural experience.
  • Latvia: Riga
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia: A highschool Indonesian language class trip, and more recently a long layover in KL while travelling between Italy and Australia.
  • New Zealand: a wonderful finshed-undergrad-studies, first-time-overseas-as-an-adult holiday. Must go back, no idea when.
  • Norway: A weekend in Oslo
  • Scotland: Glasgow (living for a year), Isle of Arran
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia: Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Velika Planina, a few waking hours in Ljubljana
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Switzerland: Zurich
  • Wales: spent a week driving around, I really should write about this soon! I made a post
  • The US: Texas, Arizona, amtrak (trains are their own state, ok?), Colorado, New Orleans, San Francisco

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