Places I would like to go: Bologna.

I have been to Bologna Centrale train station at least a dozen times — it’s a hub for getting from Florence to almost anywhere north of Florence, such as Venice, Padova, Ferrara, Verona, etc etc. However, I’ve never been outside of a 10 minute walk radius of the station, since I’ve always been passing through with perhaps an hour to spare, but no more.

Which is unfortunate really, since the little of Bologna I have seen suggests it’s really nice:

Statue with horse

Bare tree and street

Also, friends who have been there say the food is really good, and I would travel to an ugly concrete box town in the middle of the desert if you could promise me the food was good.

Fortunately for my wish to go to Bologna, I’ll be in Florence again in April, so I think it’s high time I made a Saturday day-trip there.


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